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Audio Guard

Audio Guard is a pair of safety glasses that incorporates a sound sensor to alert user in construction sites when they are required to wear hearing protection. Audio Guard is a cheap and effective method that provides workers the knowledge to work safely.

The Problem

Construction records the most injuries of any sector, and therefore PPE needs improving to reduce this. One of these injuries is hearing damage. Millions globally suffer from permanent hearing damage. This is due to workers not knowing when to wear hearing protection. With 52% of workers exposed to dangerous noise levels and not wearing any hearing protection due to them believing they are within a safe distance of the noise.

About the product

The product designed is a pair of safety glasses that incorporate a sound sensor that will alert users via an LED in the lens when they are in an area with damaging noise levels. That way the user can understand when they are required to wear hearing protection for example if there in a construction site and aren’t using the tools directly and think they are safe but might be in harmful range.


-Magnetic Charging Port
-Black semi-gloss finish
-Blue LED
-Power Button
-Water and Dust Resistant
-Impact Resistant

Technical Details

-Light activates at 85 decibels
-Frame Material Nylon
-Lens Material Polycarbonate
-Silicon Nose Pads
-Lens Thickness 2mm
-Injected Molded Parts
-2ah battery
-MEMs Microphone

Rohnan Mullen

Rohnan is a designer completing his studies in Industrial Design and Civil Engineering. He loves problem solving and focusing in on the small details in his design. His background in engineering has helped his designs to be practical and efficient.