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The COMFLY initiative reimagines pet transportation, bridging a crucial gap in pet air travel. This project, cultivated over three months, delivers a multifunctional travel crate designed for comfort, improved air circulation, and stress reduction, while also streamlining maintenance. COMFLY is more than a product; it’s a call for industry reform, setting new benchmarks for pet welfare and owner peace of mind during air travel.


Rising demand for pet-friendly air travel has exposed critical gaps in the current system, with inconsistent regulations leading to safety and welfare concerns (Williams, 2023). Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, tragic stories have emerged, spotlighting the urgent need for improved pet transportation solutions. This project is a response to that need, aiming to transform how our pets journey through the skies.

“During the peak of the pandemic, I faced a situation I wouldn’t wish on anyone. In an effort to return to China with my cat, I encountered a nightmare. With air transport for pets unofficially halted, the relocation company I used resorted to unlawful sea transport. As they faced apprehension, they heartlessly threw the animals overboard to evade capture. My cat, my companion, was among those lost to the sea. This devastating loss underscored the profound deficiencies and the desperate need for reform in pet transport regulation and practice.”


the problem

The current context of pet transportation, especially by air, is fraught with challenges. Pets, particularly cats, often face high levels of stress due to unfamiliar environments, inadequate space, poor ventilation, and overstimulation from noise and movement.

Moreover, the absence of a standardized system for pet care across the aviation industry leads to inconsistent experiences for pets, with airline staff often unprepared or unequipped to offer the necessary attention to animals in transit. This can result in a lack of communication about the presence of pets on board, potentially overlooking their specific needs for temperature control and quiet, secure spaces.

Additionally, most airports lack the infrastructure to support pet travel, such as dedicated areas for veterinary checks or pet-friendly transport options within the terminal. This combination of factors can make air travel a harrowing experience for pets and a source of anxiety for their owners.


The existing market for cat crates is driven largely by adherence to IATA regulations rather than aesthetic appeal or advanced functionality. Consumers often settle for these utilitarian designs solely for regulatory compliance; without these requirements, the demand for such rudimentary models would likely plummet. This highlights a gap in the market for a crate that not only meets safety standards but also caters to consumer desires for visually appealing and feature-rich products. COMFLY addresses this by offering a design that is both compliant and attractive, enhancing the travel experience for pets and their owners.


COMFLY is an innovative solution in pet transportation, marrying functionality with comfort. This crate goes beyond mere compliance with international travel regulations, offering a sleek design that doubles as a familiar resting space for cats at home. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art air circulation systems and stress-reducing features, ensuring pets remain calm and comfortable throughout their journey. COMFLY revolutionizes the concept of pet crates, making them not just a travel necessity but a desirable piece of pet furniture that caters to the well-being of feline companions.



The matte finish ensures durability, all the while guaranteeing it remains scratch-resistant, preventing any harm to the container or, more importantly, to our precious feline friends inside. A grey palette that seamlessly blends with most home decors. The orange accents not only add a touch of vibrancy but also serve to energize the overall design.

Aluminum for doors, specifically series 4000 due to its lightweight properties and proven performance in the aviation industry. It ensures the container is durable yet light enough for easy transportation. Plastic for shells, especially Polypropylene due to its firmness combined with cost-effectiveness which ensures our product is robust without driving up the costs, making it accessible to a broader audience.


COMFLY seamlessly integrates into the home environment, serving as a comfortable and familiar resting place for cats. Its design encourages pets to associate it with relaxation and safety, fostering a sense of tranquility. As a result, when it’s time to travel, the transition is less stressful for them, as they’re enclosed in a space already imbued with their scent and the comfort of home. This dual functionality not only conserves space and resources but also supports the emotional well-being of the pet, making COMFLY an essential fixture in any pet-friendly home.


The exploded view of COMFLY showcases the thoughtfully engineered simplicity of its design. Each component is crafted for intuitive assembly, ensuring that pet owners can easily put together the crate without the need for specialized tools or extensive effort. The smart modular design allows for effortless attachment and detachment of features, making COMFLY not only user-friendly but also highly adaptable to various travel needs. From the twist lock to the adjustable bowl stand, every element is designed with the user’s convenience in mind, guaranteeing a stress-free preparation for your pet’s travels.

comfly APP


In the cargo hold, under the diligent care of Qantas Airlines staff, the COMFLY crate represents the pinnacle of pet air travel design. Thoughtfully crafted to prioritize animal welfare, the crate is carefully monitored to ensure optimal air circulation and a stress-minimized environment. Its durable construction not only meets IATA standards but surpasses them by integrating features that address the direct needs of pets in transit. Staff attention to the crate’s condition, including temperature control and monitoring, showcases COMFLY’s commitment to a superior travel experience, ensuring that pets are not just cargo, but valued passengers in their own right.


Sarah, concerned about her cat Jellyfish’s travel stress, finds COMFLY, a crate that serves as a familiar bed at home and a secure travel haven. Jellyfish instantly loves it, and Sarah’s equipped with a handy app for travel guidance. At the airport, the app points to a trolley for easy check-in. In-flight, she gets comforting updates on Jellyfish’s condition. They reunite post-flight, Jellyfish content and stress-free, all thanks to COMFLY’s innovative design.



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