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Conquering Vehicle Ingress and Egress

The IE device by SwiftAssist is an assistive support device that provides an alternative and safer method for elderly people to complete vehicle ingress and egress. The IE empowers users by making this daily activity more manageable.

The BackGround

Elderly people currently account for over 1 billion of the global population and this number is expected to rise to over 2.1 billion by 2050 (World Health Organization, 2022). This rapidly aging population has been driven by multiple interconnected factors, including a globally declining birth rate and an increasing average age of mortality. As this demographic shift occurs and the population ages, it is vital that there is a shift towards designing ‘with empathy’ and ensuring that future design considers the unique needs and vulnerabilities faced by these elderly individuals, with a key area of focus being mobility.

The Problem

To gain deeper insights into Ingress and
Egress within this demographic, primary
research was conducted, comprising
surveys, observations, and interviews.
Findings revealed that a significant
proportion of elderly individuals
encounter difficulties when
attempting to enter and exit vehicles.
Predominantly, these challenges were
attributed to low car seats and the
absence of readily accessible handholds.
Furthermore, it was established that most
participants possessed limited awareness
of available assistive devices to facilitate
these processes. Nevertheless, those with
knowledge were notably more inclined to
procure and utilize such devices daily.

Existing Products

Current assistive door handles for cars, designed to aid users with limited mobility, feature a compact design that fits into the door latch. However, these handles have drawbacks, limiting usable space for exiting the car. The single-point contact form exerts excessive force on fragile joints like the wrists, potentially posing challenges for individuals with mobility issues. As technology advances, addressing these limitations becomes crucial for creating truly inclusive and user-friendly assistive devices.

SwiftAssist IE

Introducing the SwiftAssist IE, a revolutionary device dedicated to enhancing the Ingress and Egress process for elderly individuals accessing vehicles. With its user-friendly design, the SwiftAssist IE ensures a seamless experience from assembly to use. The simple setup effectively secures the device in the door latch, while the innovative ratcheting movement system provides dynamic support throughout the process. The device’s foldable design allows for easy storage within the user’s car, with hidden magnets securely locking it in place. In its folded form, the SwiftAssist IE transforms into a convenient handle, guided by cutouts for optimal hand placement, offering versatile assistance for every journey.


but does it actually work — YES

Nicholas Byrom

Nicholas is a dynamic individual, who seeks to blend the worlds of industrial design and mechanical engineering. With a thirst for innovation and a knack for creative problem-solving, Nicholas is seeking to become a future force in design and engineering.