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Core Impact’s Knee Strengthening System

Innovated through experience, for athletes, supported by industry experts. The KSS creates movements that are able to be technique focused, sport specific and used with ease. This system is backed by the ability to expand and produce further concepts with higher level components like force plate sensors.

Game Changing

Incorporating the Core Impact Knee Strengthening System empowers athletes with an expanded capacity to optimise their on-court and off-court performance. The amplified downward force generated facilitates hypertrophy and prolonged adaptations in the knee’s tendons and ligaments, resulting in heightened capabilities in terms of speed, agility, explosiveness, and, critically, overall health.

Style Bending

This comprehensive system is a culmination of diverse manufacturing techniques and methodologies. The principal platform is fashioned through the meticulous process of blow moulding, the belt is meticulously crafted through precise stitching methods, and the elastic resistance bands are expertly fabricated through the intricate techniques of extrusion and braiding.

Offering Versatility

The KSS represents an ideal apparatus applicable in both prehabilitation and rehabilitation scenarios. Athletes can seamlessly incorporate this device into their physiotherapy regimens, whether within clinical settings, at home, or within team sports facilities. This system exhibits a remarkable degree of versatility, readily accommodating an athlete’s unique requirements, environmental conditions, and individual needs. This adaptability encompasses features such as an adjustable belt, customizable resistance levels, choice of resistance direction, and adaptable platform height.

Career Extending

Core Impact’s product integrates user-friendly carabiners, ensuring a streamlined and effective attachment and detachment process when configuring the desired resistance and resistance direction. Furthermore, the belt’s connecting points offer the flexibility to be repositioned as needed to facilitate precise movements, allowing for customised and adaptable exercise routines.

Enhancing Abilities

Employing the adaptable rails integrated within the platform confers upon the user the ability to finely calibrate the orientation of the downward resistance. This, in turn, empowers athlete’s to selectively target and fortify the smaller, yet pivotal, accessory muscles and tendons crucial for enhancing knee durability.

This Isn’t All…

Integrating a pressure-sensitive force sensor into the design concept at an advanced level enhances the analytical efficacy during an athlete’s training regimen. This augmentation confers an enhanced capacity to examine weight and force distribution dynamics as athletes execute various movements.

This Isn’t All… (Cont.)

Establishing adaptability within a system or concept assumes paramount significance in the realm of design. As we look ahead, the imperative lies in the extension and acquisition of bands with varying lengths and resistance levels, encompassing both longer and shorter options. Moreover, an augmentation aimed at refining the belt’s size adaptability will fortify its usability.

Bailey Tisdell

Bailey comes with goals to push limits and innovate industries. Inspired to create, complete and expand ideas within projects. Upholding design experience beyond university & specialising in the interests of sports science.