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Dedesk – Mobile Workspace for Vehicles

Revolutionise on-the-go efficiency with the Dedesk mobile workspace for vehicles. Maximizing productivity and comfort, this design optimises space. Crafted for seamless set up for any vehicle, it transforms passenger space into a productive haven, ensuring a comfortable and efficient workspace on wheels.

What is the Dedesk?

At some point everyone has tried to use a laptop or tablet while seated in the car. This space can be hard to get comfortable or feel productive. Fulfilling work targets in many industries require employees to operate in this environment. The Detech Dedesk is designed to provide a suitable work space for anyone wanting to be productive in the car between engagements. For short or long periods the Dedesk provides an adjustable surface with area enough for more than just the laptop or tablet. Accounting for the longer use periods there has been an inverter built in to allow for charging of any device.

Universal for all cars

Attach to the passenger door of any car

Adjustable straps and window sill hooks

space for more

Boasting 600mm across there is plenty of room for all office work requirements

Shows space on work surface

strong and stable

Adjustable straps on the window sill hooks allow the work surface to change height and angle for comfort. Telescopic leg supports the center console side of the Dedesk between the seat and console gap where the seat belt goes.

shows supports and attachments

charge everything

12V inverter built into surface for charging access to one of each USB, USB-C and 240V Plug

Easy storage

Combined with the window sill hooks is the ability to hang the Dedesk from the back of the driver or passenger seats for easy storage

Design process



Robert Ballarino

Robert is a passionate designer with expertise in process and mechanical problem-solving. Focused on user-centric design for pragmatic product concepts and skilled at translating ideas into tangible prototypes. Committed to merging form and function, he brings creativity and precision to problem solving with a strong desire to apply effective solutions.