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Duality School Chair

A modulated school chair designed for children 4-5 years of age to help teach children how to sit with the correct posture. The Duality School Chair is the thought child that allows for the children to sit comfortably and properly in the classroom, enhancing their learning experience and ability.

the problem

There is a general consensus in society that poor posture is growing problem and as a result is increases the risk of lower back pain (LBP) and other musculoskeletal issues. As time moves forward poor posture in children as young as 4-5 years old is only increasing. This in turn has begun to negatively affect children in the classroom as it generates a barrier blocking their ability to concentrate and learn, essentially inhibiting their education at a crucial point in time.

The Duality School Chair is designed for 4–5-year-olds in order to improve the children’s way of life. It will be designed for the classroom, so in order to keep classes flowing smoothly, it is designed to be moved easily, yet comfortable enough for the child to sit down. If the Duality School Chair is proven successful, children will be able to break through the wall preventing them from concentrating and learning.

Summary of Research:

Research was conducted in order to further understand the problem at hand, which was how poor posture in children effects their comfort and learning ability, in turn potentially effecting their future way of life.

Low back pain (LBP) is the leading cause of disability worldwide and over 80% of people may experience LBP at least once in their lifetime.

(Sabina M. Pinto, et al., 2020).

Further supporting this statement quantitative data from surveys and qualitative data from in person interviews were gathered. The quantitative data that was gathered from 14 respondents, served the purpose of filling gaps of information that could not be gathered from academic literature with personal opinions. Then for the qualitative date, interviews conducted with both a childcare worker and a registered nurse serve the purpose gaining incite on how a posture correction chair should influence children. Gaining opinions from the interviews, it pointed out crucial aspects that the design should follow, such as hygiene, mobility, durability and recommended areas of the body to support.

Final concept


Constructed with the highly durable and resistant polypropylene as the main frame and base of both the seat and backrest, the Duality School Chair is designed to survive in the classroom.

The seats and cushion on the backrest, which have been forged with breathable memory foam and covered in polyester to further fortify the Duality School Chair’s position in the classroom by allowing it to be both sanitary and water resistant.

The Inflatable and adjustable lumbar support is positioned at the base of the back rest and is adjusted vis a rubber hand pump on the left hand side of the design.

The back rest is adjustable thanks to the polypropylene trigger positioned in the top of the back rest and allows for the design to be moved between three slots positioned at 90, 100 and 110 degrees by releasing the locks in the backrest. This allows for the Duality School Chair to provide the ultimate comfort and correct posture for the 4-5-year old.

The Duality School Chair is designed to be modulated allowing for it to come apart easily. This allows for easy replacement of components as well as easy access to components that need sanitation as well as allowing for easy movement of the design.

exploded view

The Duality School Chair frame is easy to stack allowing for easy storage around the classroom. The Duality School Chair will stack in pairs making it more accessible to smaller users and allowing for them to move the chair with ease.

The Duality School Chair is available in a multitude of colour’s, bringing forward lots of customization options, which can brighten up any classroom.

The Duality School Chair Demo:

Designed for the classroom and for the user, the Duality School Chair is created in a way that a 4-5 year old can easily move it and use it


Blair Bezzina

Blair is an Industrial Designer studying a Dual Degree consisting of a Bachelor Degree of Design (Industrial) and Bachelor Degree of Engineering (Civil). Blair has interests in computer aided design (CAD), concept modelling and rendering, future technology and sustainable design.