Industrial - Bachelors

Ezy Turn Urn

My design adapts a hot water urn to be more sustainable and better suited in a private home context for those with arthritis. Standard rocker switches and buttons cause great pain for arthritic fingers, as does putting strain on the wrist from lifting heavy items - such as full saucepans and kettles. Additionally, it is unsustainable to not be able to use appliances to the full capacity when they expend the same amount of energy each use. My solution is to remove the weight bearing and tipping aspect of kettles, raising it to allow the user to slide both mugs and saucepans under and fill the tap and fill.

Addressing Real Experiences: Rheumatoid Arthritis

“It’s hard to describe with your hands so bad, like this. It swells up, the bones, the nerves and the veins in your hand – and the ligaments basically tear. So; you have no strength for picking things up. I literally can’t pick this up.
I cannot lift that pot (500g), literally. I have to use both hands, okay? And if that’s full, I can’t strain any pasta or tip sauce.
What about when the kettle is full? Well, I don’t fill the kettle. Or somebody else feels it up. I fill only what I can actually lift.”


Available in retro pastel colours to appeal to target audience

Injection moulded from low density polyethylene

Abigail Lawrence

Abigail Lawrence is an Industrial Designer with a passion for creating beautiful products that enhance the daily lives of the users.