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FlowPro – An alternative to IV pole

FlowPro is a revolutionary wearable IV therapy device designed to enhance patient mobility and autonomy in healthcare. It addresses the limitations of traditional IV poles, offering a colorful, cross-body solution for adult patients.

what is flowpro?

FlowPro is not just an IV device; it’s a revolutionary shift in how patients receive IV therapy. It’s designed for adult patients and comes with an array of features to enhance the overall healthcare experience. Patients can wear it as a cross-body bag, granting them the freedom to move around, access hospital facilities independently, and reducing the need for constant nurse intervention. With FlowPro, patients can connect, initiate their treatment, and closely monitor their progress through a dedicated app. The device simplifies the IV bag replacement process and provides real-time data about the infusion process, improving safety and efficiency. FlowPro’s colour-coding system differentiates levels of care, making it user-friendly for both patients and healthcare professionals. It’s a colourful revolution in healthcare that focuses on comfort, mobility, and independence.

From Research to revolution

The journey began by delving deep into the world of IV therapy, uncovering the challenges that patients and healthcare professionals face. The conventional IV pole, a stalwart in the healthcare industry, is not without its flaws. It restricts patients’ mobility, increases the risk of falls, and demands a high level of nurse intervention. The quest was to address these issues and reimagine the future of IV treatment.

The research findings can be summarized as following:
1. Current IV poles are gravity driven, which requires to be placed in high position, which impede the patient’s free movement and cause inconvenience during the treatment.
2. Restricted mobility causes risks of falling, which is dangerous for patients, and also difficult for nurses.
3. Patient-centred care is about giving patients a sense of control and autonomy.
4. Using wearable or portable medical devices during hospitalization may help improve patient activity.
5. Continuous technological innovations and increased patient awareness have led to the widespread acceptance of an increasing number of wearable devices.

Understanding the needs of patients

Extensive primary research was done, engaging with 43 participants through surveys and conducting in-depth interviews with 2 healthcare experts. The insights we gained were invaluable. Patients expressed their desire for more mobility, comfort, and freedom during treatment, a longing for independence, and a better overall healthcare experience. The experts reaffirmed the significance of these findings.

There is a need to increase patient freedom while receiving long-period treatment.

This brings us to our identified research gaps: the need to improve patient comfort and autonomy in healthcare experiences during IV treatments, and a significant lack of effective wearable infusion devices.
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Initial concepts

The initial ideas revolved primarily around mobility, resulting in the development of five armset and backpack designs, but they lacked ergonomic considerations. Consequently, they are deemed uncomfortable when it comes to accommodating different sitting postures.

after multiple iterations… Let’s introduce

Where Every Drop Means Freedom.


The features

Take a look at the inside…

Technical details

All components of the device body are glossy ABS Plastic, which is tough and rigidity durable. ABS plastic is an ideal material for medical devices as it resists chemicals and impacts.

HOW IT WORKS technically?

The flowpro APP

The FlowPro App represents a groundbreaking advancement in IV therapy, introducing a level of patient empowerment and safety that is truly transformative. In traditional IV therapy, patients often experience a lack of control and awareness regarding their treatment, which can lead to feelings of helplessness and anxiety. With the FlowPro App, this paradigm shifts dramatically. By allowing patients to enter their device number and track the remaining time of their treatment, it places control directly into their hands. The alerts generated by the app, notifying patients when there are 5 or 10 minutes left for the treatment, not only enhance patient autonomy but also contribute significantly to their safety and peace of mind.

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FlowPro is a revolutionary advancement in IV therapy that significantly impacts both medical professionals and adult patients. The conventional IV stand, with its substantial size and manual operation, has long posed challenges for patients and healthcare providers. Patients undergoing IV treatments often experience mobility limitations, increasing the risk of falls and compromising their overall safety. For medical professionals, the traditional IV stand adds physical strain and poses safety concerns due to its manual handling. FlowPro addresses these issues by offering a portable, wearable, and user-friendly IV infusion solution. For patients, it restores independence and reduces the risk of falls, ensuring a safer and more comfortable treatment experience. Medical professionals benefit from the device’s efficiency, convenience, and advanced monitoring capabilities, enhancing their ability to deliver superior care. In essence, FlowPro is a transformative innovation that empowers users, improves patient outcomes, and elevates the practice of IV therapy.

user jouney

How to use FlowPro?

Color coding system

FlowPro’s innovative colour coding system not only provides aesthetic distinction but also conveys crucial information to both patients and healthcare professionals. Each colour represents a specific level of care, allowing quick identification of the patient’s treatment status. Yellow indicates a high level of care, blue signifies a medium level, and white designates a low level of care required. This ingenious approach enhances communication, streamlines patient management, and contributes to a safer and more efficient healthcare environment. With a mere glance, users can assess their care needs, fostering a deeper level of understanding and enabling swift decision-making in any healthcare setting.

Value proposition

“FlowPro” holds immense value for both patients and healthcare providers by revolutionizing IV therapy. It offers patients autonomy, mobility, and comfort while providing healthcare professionals with a versatile tool to improve care delivery. This innovative solution addresses critical issues identified in our research and opens new possibilities for patient-centred care.

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