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HexCrate: Improving Hive Transportation

The HexNetwork is designed to provide beekeepers and their hives with a more secure an efficient process of transportation, as well as providing safety and comfort while the hives are idle. This is done through three key parts of a modular system, being the HexCrate, HexStand and HexScale

A look at the HexCrates in use on a farm


a helpful hivemind

The HEXNETWORK offers a low-tech, effective solution that provides each hive with a more safe and secure journey. Each part of this modular system can be used while the hives are idle, and during transport. The HEXCRATE provides simple connections between hives and can be easily folded for storage. The HEXSTAND provides safety and breathability for hives, protecting them from harsh weather and folding to aid in transportation. The health and honey production of a hive can be monitored using the HEXSCALE

Carrick Pearse

Carrick Pearse’s lifelong love of creating and has evolved into an insatiable passion for industrial design. What started as his childhood love of drawing and Lego has matured into a love of the field and the people within it. Carrick strives for his designs to make lasting impressions on others.