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Hive Pallet

Beekeeping practices have remained unchanged for a century, evident in the outdated equipment and the significant room for improvement. This beehive pallet project highlights the significance of reducing bee stress, hive management, and ergonomics. It securely holds beehives during transportation, ensures proper airflow with consistent spacing, and offers a modular design suitable for various beekeepers, from small-scale to commercial.

Research methods

– Primary survey (49 participants)
– Secondary survey (5 participants)

– Primary observations done at beekeeper farm

– Phone interview (1 person)
– Face – to – face (1 person)

Approximately 65% of crops introduced into Australia rely on various pollinators including bees

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Exploded view


Stacking the hive pallet

The hive pallet can sit on top of the hives that are below it on the truck. The pallets will slot on top of the below hives which will allow the hives to be better secured during transportation.

Loading the hive pallet on to the truck

If the hive pallets are linked in sets of 4, the forklift can lift and place them onto the truck as one unit. The beekeeper needs to make sure that the pallet is positioned so that the interlocking arm is positioned upwards to accommodate the next set of pallets. Once the bottom layer of the truck is filled in, the next level can be placed on top, making sure the pallet system slots on top of the beehives below. The beekeepers will then secure the rest of the load with rachet straps that they currently have.
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Emily Weatherall

Emily is an industrial designer with a background in chemical engineering. I leverage my engineering background to creatively design prototypes, meeting industry standards and deadlines. Problem-solving is a central focus in both my expertise areas, enabling me to identify and address key issues. This enhances the creative and functional aspects of my design solutions.