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Phoenix: A Real-Time Bushfire Monitor

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Introducing Phoenix: The game-changer for transmission line safety! This cutting-edge attachment seamlessly connects to the earth-wires on high voltage transmission lines, acting as an ever-watchful eye against the threat of bushfires. Phoenix not only keeps firefighters safe during their critical operations near transmission lines, but also with its real-time monitoring capabilities, provides a constant flow of information, enabling power companies to execute quick risk assessment and smart decision-making.

The problem

In a world increasingly dependent on technology amid the throes of a climate crisis, Queensland’s above-ground high voltage transmission lines face heightened vulnerability to intensified bushfires. The majority of this critical network remains unmonitored, relying solely on reactive satellite detection, often too late to prevent disasters. Urgent intervention is essential to develop proactive monitoring solutions, bridging the gap between our tech-driven present and the escalating threats of climate change, safeguarding communities and critical infrastructure in the face of growing environmental challenges.

Real-time Insights, Swift Decisions, Lasting Impact.


remote desktop and mobile application access – the function of Phoenix

Remote access to these monitors provides control over camera features, enabling zoom, digital pan, and tilt functionalities. Additionally, the infrared thermal camera, combined with AI algorithms, identifies and highlights potential threats. Real-time monitoring extends to crucial details like detecting airborne smoke, vital as it can precede visual fire indications. Wind speed and direction are closely monitored, especially when fire rapidly approaches transmission lines. These applications are accessible to both electrical company workers and firefighters, ensuring safety even for those without specific electrical training. Regular updates on the real-time action plan further guarantee their well-being.

manufacturing & materials

the development process

in summary

Phoenix bridges the gap by offering rapid, real-time monitoring that can be deployed in a flash via drone technology, ensuring swift and smooth resolution of any risky situations. It sidesteps the cumbersome approval processes typically associated with energy companies. Moreover, Phoenix leverages technology to keep more workers out of harm’s way, prioritizing their safety. This device seamlessly integrates with existing monitoring networks, enhancing capabilities through its speedy deployment and extensive coverage.

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