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Quick Stop

Quick Stop is a device which minimises rear-end collisions through Ultrasonic technology to detect and analyse vehicle proximity. Quick Stop influences an interactive experience to provide an early warning signal through real-time alerts creating peace of mind.

The problem

There is a significant need for a product intervention to minimise rear-end crashes, due to a result of increasing fatality rates and significant vehicle Compulsory Third-Party insurance (CTP) premiums. This is often caused due to the lack of awareness and concentration of drivers and their behaviors behind the steering wheel.

“During 1 January to 27 August 2023, there were 180 fatalities as a result of crashes within Queensland.”

(Weekly report – Department of Transport and Main Roads 2023).

Quick Stop

Image of Storyboard showing each step of utilising Quick Stop.

Step 1: Attach Quick Stop to boot sill
Step 2: Close boot, securing Quick stop tightly 
Step 3: Quick Stop detects and analyses proximity 
Step 4: Quick Stop flashes when thresholds are met, providing visual feedback.


Attaching a Quick Stop to your vehicle is very simple, by pushing the bracket onto the sill of the boot and closing the boot, the device is securely attached. The embedded technology will detect and analyse real-time proximity through ultrasonic sensors, which when thresholds are met, in the case of a scenario, the device will provide visual feedback. This feedback is an array of flashing LEDs, acting as an early warning signal for motor vehicle operators.
Image of exploded view showing internal components.


Quick Stop is a simplistic universal device, utilising ultrasonic sensors to detect vehicle proximity, furthermore visually providing an early warning flash when distance thresholds are met. This provides a visual warning in various motoring situations. Quick Stop offers a unique smart bumper device option to reduce and minimise the impacts of rear-end collisions.
Render of Quick Stop
Render of Quick Stop
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Declan Lau

Declan Lau is a Industrial Design student currently studying at the Queensland University of Technology. With a strong passion for design, specifically in the Automotive industry, Declan intends to expand his knowledge and develop design solutions and products within various communities.