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ACL injury is common and the recovery process can be long and demoralising. Recover-Knee is a knee brace that is used in the recovery process of an ACL injury. It has three main features: heat therapy, cold therapy and a TENS unit to relieve pain and make the healing process more bearable.


In Australia, 228 344 people reported with knee injuries over a 20 year period. Knee injuries are a common occurrence in sport that can put athlete out of play for months. This number is growing as more people are partaking in sports with increased training, practice and playtime. Out of these knee injuries anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury accounts for 40 percent of sport injuries.


Through primary and secondary research, particular pain point during ACL recovery were identified. Primary research included surveys along with interviews with stakeholders and professionals in the area of ACL injury. There were both physical and mental pain points that were identified when it came to recovering from ACL injury. Mental aspects included the unpredictability of recovery and lack of motivation. Physical aspects included accessibility to physiotherapists and slow progression. There were also issues post-recovery where there is reoccurring pain and a fear of reinjury. Through the identification of these pain points, five concepts were developed.


Juliet Chung

Juliet is an industrial designer doubling with a medical engineering degree. She is a motivated problem solved that focuses on user experience and aspires to utilise her skillset to design for improved quality of life.