Industrial - Bachelors


RehabiFlex is designed to improve hand movement for stroke victims and to promote greater participation in a variety of activities in daily life. It provides assistance and enhancements to the user's hand function. This includes enhancing grip strength, providing support for those with weaker hand muscles, and reducing stress during the rehabilitation process.


The rehabilitation process for stroke patients should be a highly individualized process that must be tailored to each patient’s symptoms and needs. Traditional rehabilitation methods often seem monotonous, unsupervised, and focused on basic movements such as stacking blocks or grasping exercises. However, studies have shown that patients become frustrated with this traditional rehabilitation process, and there is a correlation between this emotional response and pain levels and rehabilitation outcomes.


This design uses soft robotics designed to mimic the flexibility and dexterity of the human hand, allowing for a variety of rehabilitation exercises and activities that promote motor skill development and hand coordination. In addition, the Rehabiflex body is made of super-elastic silicone to adapt to the patient’s changing needs during rehabilitation, as well as varying degrees of dexterity and strength. This adaptability provides a more personalized and effective rehabilitation experience.

Healthcare members will be able to link the display on the wristband to the tablet software and set the patient’s rehabilitation strategy and provide customized support and assistance based on each stroke patient’s symptoms, such as when they don’t have enough strength or have difficulty tolerating pain. This enhances the patient’s awareness of their recovery progress and encourages them to be more active in their rehabilitation activities.


Po-Yu actively tries to create impactful design solutions using different approaches. He wants to make a difference in people's lives through his industrial design expertise and passion.