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Smart Airport Trolley

Smart Airport Trolley is an innovative solution addressing the challenge of unreturned trolleys and streamlining airport trolley management. This cutting-edge trolley features an automatic return system, advanced robotic technology, and a line-following sensor, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for passengers and airport authorities.


 The interviewees
The main problem identified is trolley management and the issue of unreturned trolleys at the airport. This problem was discerned through interviews and observations at the Brisbane airport. Some key points:

– Airport foot traffic creates difficulties in collecting and managing trolleys, particularly during peak flight departure and arrival times.
– The interviewees highlighted the challenges of manually collecting trolleys, which are limited to six at a time without a rope and up to 20 with a rope.
– Even though motorized cart pushers are available, they are infrequently used due to complications arising from airport foot traffic.
– Passengers don’t typically struggle to find trolleys but face challenges when separating them from the trolley bay.



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” Streamlining Operations with Automatic Return System ”

The product aims to solve the problem of unreturned trolleys and improve the management of trolleys within the airport environment. It presents an opportunity to enhance the user experience, streamline airport operations, and promote safety.

Introducing Smart airport Trolley

User Flow Diagram


Automatic Return: The trolley automatically returns to the trolley bay after use, eliminating the need for manual collection and reducing the chances of trolleys being left haphazardly.

Robotic Technology: Incorporates cutting-edge robotic technology, including line-following sensors, stereo cameras, and the WheelBot system, ensuring the trolley’s safe and efficient navigation.

User-Friendly Features: The trolley’s features, such as luggage detection, a working mode for effortless pushing, and QR code scanning for navigation, enhance the convenience of passengers.

Exploded View

Exploded View



Reina Kakara

Reina is a Brisbane-based Industrial Designer from Japan, with a background in visual design and a wealth of experience in the advertising industry. Her true passion lies in the creation of designs that not only captivate the eye but also cater to the unique needs of users. Currently, she is actively seeking an industrial design internship, motivated by her eagerness to develop her skills further and collaborate closely with seasoned professionals in the field.