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The Cube aligns with the current camping trend, offering a simple, effective solution for short-term use. Campers often struggle with gear preparation, impacting their relaxation focus negatively. The Cube consolidates essential camping items into one, including a cooler, table, and light, promoting convenience and easy transport. It refocuses camping motivation, emphasizing essential gear and enhancing the overall camping experience


Both quantitative and qualitative research methods were employed, involving a survey of 20 individuals with camping experience and observational studies conducted with two distinct groups.

These approaches enabled the analysis of participants’ preferred camping trends, discomforts, and behavioural patterns. Through this research, four primary motivations for camping were identified: relaxation, immersion in nature, forming connections, and escapism. This study provides valuable insights into campers’ motivations and experiences

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The process of bringing and preparing extensive camping equipment poses significant challenges for campers. In the camping trend focused on relaxation, this preparation process adversely affects their motivation and purpose, preventing them from enjoying camping effectively

Camping Equipment and User CAMPING ACTIVITY




It comes with an adjustable handle that extends up to 35cm, offering effective storage and mobility through its ergonomic grip.

The rubber wheels provide smooth movement, and it can tilt up to 45 degrees for easy mobility.

The handle has a built-in light function, ensuring brightness in dark environments, and it can be adjusted toward induction.

At the top, there’s an induction cooker, allowing for simple cooking, and it can be covered when not in use.

Keeping up with the convenient camping trend, it provides power points and USB, C type and I-type ports for charging various electronic devices, enhancing usability. Additionally, it features a switch to turn off the power supply for the induction cooker and other power outlets, preventing energy wastage when not in use

For storing fresh food, it includes an icebox with a peltier component, acting as a fridge to keep your food and beverages cool and fresh. The sliding hinge allows easy access, and it has a dual locking system and vacuum insulation material for effective insulation and convenient storage.

On both sides, there are foldable tables to enhance users’ accessibility during camping activities. These tables minimize the equipment you need to carry and can be folded down when not in use, providing mobility and storage convenience. Each table, with a size of 30cm x 30cm, can bear a maximum weight of 15kg per hinge. Considering the average height of camping chairs (40 to 50cm), this table is positioned at an optimal height of 65cm.

At the back, there’s a power battery and a peltier component with ventilation holes for heat management. It also features handles at the front and back, making it easy to load and transport the product to and from your car or other locations.

final design in context

FInal physical model

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Hyesong Choi

Hyesong is a designer, He prioritizes comfort, simplicity, and empathy. He crafts designs inspired by real-world needs and diverse experiences. Drawing from travel and sci-fi, He create boundary-pushing yet practical designs. Criticism fuels my desire to refine and bring incremental happiness. My goal is to make everyday life joyful and meaningful