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VDTect project is a groundbreaking initiative in the field of cycling safety and technology. VDTect is an advanced assistive technology device designed to enhance the safety and awareness of cyclists during their rides. This innovative device features a combination of radar, camera, and speaker systems, which work seamlessly to detect potential hazards, provide real-time visual data, and offer immediate alerts and guidance to cyclists.

The Problem

Utilizing both an online survey and two interviews, our research methodology aimed to delve deeply into the root causes of cycling safety concerns. We sought to unravel the primary issues encountered by cyclists during their journeys. As a result, based on participant responses, it became evident that the most prevalent challenges revolved around difficulties in hearing approaching vehicles, facing confrontations with aggressive and impatient drivers, and dealing with pedestrians who frequently seemed unaware of cyclists or motorists when crossing roads.


Throughout the research, a distinct pattern emerges: the majority of participants encounter a range of challenges that greatly increase the risk of incidents.These challenges include the difficulty of sensing approaching vehicles from behind, interactions with aggressive or impatient drivers,Given these pressing concerns, we see a unique opportunity to lead the way in creating innovative design solutions that enhance cyclists’ awareness of vehicles approaching from behind, ultimately shaping the future of urban cycling safety.


VDTECT stands as an advanced assistive technology device specifically crafted to ensure the safety of cyclists on the road. Its compact and portable design makes it an ideal and practical travel companion for cyclists. The inclusion of radar, camera, and speakers within this innovative device serves to not only boost awareness but also fortify the security of cyclists. Through the utilization of these integrated components, VDTECT effectively identifies potential hazards in the surrounding environment and provides real-time guidance, thereby contributing significantly to a safer and more enjoyable ride experience for cyclists.


VDTECT stands out due to its multifunctional design, incorporating radar, camera, and speakers to bolster awareness and safety. The radar continuously scans surroundings, alerting cyclists to potential hazards, from vehicles approaching to sudden road obstacles. Its camera captures the cyclist’s view and traffic situations, offering valuable recordings for incident review. Integrated speakers provide real-time audio cues, enhancing cyclist awareness of approaching vehicles and other alerts. Additionally, VDTECT features automatic Bluetooth pairing and seamless integration with the VDTect Cycling app, provide functional mapping system similar to google maps, delivering visual alerts for a safer journey. These combined features aim to keep cyclists informed and safe, offering a comprehensive safety solution for their rides.


The VDTect device functions in tandem with a dedicated application, harmonizing to create a comprehensive safety system for cyclists. This synergy becomes evident as the integrated map within the application displays the cyclist’s route and triggers flashing alerts whenever the device detects a vehicle approaching from behind during the journey.

Moreover, this application serves as a multifaceted tool, encompassing features beyond mere safety alerts. It allows users to monitor the battery percentage, track their routes, set up preferred locations, locate nearby stations, and even record videos of their rides. This inclusive functionality not only ensures safety but also offers a versatile and enriched cycling experience, equipping riders with tools to effectively manage and optimize their trips while prioritizing safety at every turn.

Empowering cyclists with a vigilant eye, VDTect paves the way for safer journeys, where awareness meets innovation, ensuring every ride prioritizes proactive safety.

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