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Verteflex Portable Traction Table

The Verteflex Portable Traction Table offers at-home spinal traction therapy for Spondylolisthesis sufferers. The eco-friendly design uses bamboo and vegan leather, is collapsible for easy storage, and provides precise 31-degree spinal traction with a customisable headrest to enhance comfort, making it a convenient and effective pain management solution for users.


Spondylolisthesis is a spinal condition and affects around 5%-6% of males and 2%-3% of females, including children as young as 7-10. There is no known cure. Many sufferers experience persistent pain, and current management methods are inadequate. The Verteflex Portable Traction Table aims to provide sufferers with a practical and innovative solution for Spondylolisthesis pain management and related spinal conditions.


The research was conducted via a literature review, patient surveys and practitioner interviews. The research provided a comprehensive understanding of Spondylolisthesis and its management, covering prevalence, daily life impact, and pain management.

The study highlighted generic pain management strategies, specifically product-based interventions like electrical stimulation, massage, and thermal therapies. Importantly, the findings validated the lack of substantial information on spondylolisthesis-specific interventions.

They underscored the need for personalised, non-invasive solutions to alleviate discomfort, enhance spinal alignment, and improve psychological well-being for those with the condition.


The Verteflex Portable Traction Table addresses the challenge of providing at-home spinal traction therapy for individuals with Spondylolisthesis. The innovative product offers a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to traditional medical equipment, featuring a sleek design crafted from laminated bamboo and vegan leather.

Its lightweight and collapsible structure ensures easy storage and transport, making it suitable for various environments. The table’s key function is to provide gentle spinal traction at a precise 31-degree angle, reducing compression on intervertebral discs. High-density foam and recycled steel brackets enhance comfort and durability. The design allows for customisation, as users can maintain their preferred headrest position.

Ultimately, the product provides Spondylolisthesis sufferers with a portable pain management therapy that can be comfortably undertaken at home.


Thomas Craddock

Tom is an emerging industrial designer driven by innate curiosity and an inventive spirit. With a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design set for completion in 2023, he's ready to immerse in the field. Tom maintains a humble perspective, is eager to learn, and is determined to excel in the industry.