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Horizon Alpha

Bike theft is on the rise and more people are riding bikes than ever. Horizon Alpha combats theft by utilizing innovative design solutions and integrating the latest technologies.

With bike theft increasing every year and more people riding bikes everyday, a solution to combat bike theft is greatly needed.

Introducing Horizon Alpha.

Horizon Alpha is designed to keep your bike or scooter secure. The lock features 2 high-strength braided steel cables that are resistant to cutting. The cable is secured in place using a unique ratchet mechanism. The cable lock is entirely mechanical, for trusted reliability. An integrated alarm detects movement and sounds to deter thieves. The lock connects to your phone allowing you to monitor the status of the lock and to get alerts when the alarm sounds. Onboard USB-C port allows universal charging. An enclosed tray securely holds an AirTag letting you track your ride wherever you are.

Horizon Alpha. Securing your future.

The problem

Bike theft affects many people. Encouraging cycling is important for the future as cities are becoming more congested and there is a need for more environmentally sustainable modes of transport. This report explores the current state of bike theft in Australia and around the world and how we might reduce theft.

Existing research was analysed revealing statistics on bike theft across the world showing that it is a serious issue. The findings show that bike thefts are on the rise and will become more of an issue as more people are riding bikes. The research also showed that urban planning can help reduce theft by placing bike parking in high foot traffic areas and places with high activity.

2 surveys were conducted revealing that many people use their bikes for commuting. The research also showed that people had little knowledge of what lock they are using or the security that it provides, showing that people may be using the wrong lock for the wrong situation. Surveys showed that peoples bikes were often stolen when there was no lock attached , revealing that people can often become complacent when it comes to bike security.

Analysing all findings from the literature and research revealed some key areas to focus further design on including bike parking that encourages people to be near or walk close by, locks that can deter thieves by sounding an alarm and bike parking with built in locks for those who may forget theirs.

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Final design solution

Horizon Alpha lock mounted to a bicycle.

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Design development

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Dylan Watson

Dylan is a Brisbane based Industrial Designer with a passion for design and engineering. CAD, 3D printing, Laser Cutting and Electronics are all disciplines Dylan utilizes to achieve practical design solutions.